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The second version of the best selling T-Shirt Designer is finally out. Here are the new features & bug fixes included in this release.

Overview of updates:

- The same version of the application can now be used for all kinds of products.
- Some seirous secuirty issues have been fixed.
- Fonts now show their face when you drop down the font selector.
- Uploaded graphics are now safe from getting plain colors.
- SWF File's size is reduced as compared to the older version.
- The issue with the tooltip appearing to be broken is fixed.
- By default the editable area's outline is not visible.
- The app is now skinnable without having to open the Flash IDE.

... And probably many more that I've forgotton.

Application Features (for those who are new):

Here are the features of this application:

- 100% Customizable with XML
- Very easy to add more graphics (images addable on t-shirts) with XML.
- Can customize 4 sides of a product.
- Product can be a t-shirt, a cap, or anything that has either 1 side or up to 4 sides with all sides separately customizable.
- When the user is done customizing, the application sends the data in a JPEG format to PHP which means its extremely easy to link this application to a shopping cart.
- Able to add, delete, rotate, resize text.
- Allow users to upload their own graphics.
- Able to add, delete, rotate, resize graphics.
- List related products while editing a product to improve increase your customers and sell more and more stuff.
- Precise price calculation. Meaning that the price is not only calculated product wise, but also depending on the number of lines the user wrote, the number of graphics the user has used or the number sides customized, all configurable!!

Sample skins to try out, Live!

Apple Green Beauty of Nature Facebook Blue Rainbow Rainbow 2 Swirly

Free AJAX Based Admin Panel (Comming soon!):

The application is currently configurable via XML, but we're working on a FREE Ajax based admin panel that you get to receive with this product if you're already a owner or plan to buy this application.

Price & Upgrades:

The current price for this application is just $750! However this price is subject to change in the future. If you already own an older version of the application, you can upgrade to the new one for just $50!! Plus you get to own a free cupon that you can use to grab a copy of the Ajax based admin panel for free, any time!

How to buy?

To buy this application, please contact If you want to become a reseller yourself and earn money by reselling the application, feel free to contact me.

Important Notice:

Please note that in a couple of days, all of the older versions will self-distruct and become unusable. This is because of a very serious security issue found in the older version. If you DO NOT want to upgrade to the newer version and keep the older version, contact the person who sold the application to you, immidiatly!

Thanks, comments and suggestions are welcomed.