You have no reason to worry!


Whatever you are worried about at the moment has either not happened yet, or happened but is past to never come back. We spend days and nights thinking and living in a feeling of 'if I did this, then this would happen' and what will happen is actually unknown. The conscience of us humans is so strong that it makes the human being believe that which doesn't exist. For example if someone trust worthy says you have a lizard on you, you would feel it, and there would be this shock to get rid of it. The mind makes it real.

Why should we let the brain (which doesn't have a brain of its own) make us feel bad for that which doesn't exist? Why don't we make it feel good about that which doesn't exist? the optimal thing? Both don't exist! But we're still living in the sad reality for no reason.

The environment doesn't let us think positively. When we keep saying this over and over again like: how dare you make a mistake? Why did you make a mistake! You should never have made a mistake. Making a mistake is too bad. I don't want you to make a mistake. etc. etc. "oh glass torh dia." -- "o tum nahi kar saktay" -- "Oye pani gira na dena" etc, these kinds of attitudes make us extremely worried about making a mistake, and then we don't even try. And let alone trying, we're already afraid and worried what would happen if I did actually make a mistake because that would be the end of the world then.

What happens is, we spend many days imagining that which (even if it does happen) will happen only one day. And we feel it 365 days for that one day. That's just crazy. For example someone has some horrible relatives who he thinks will make him feel bad about something he did, or will look down upon him or be disrespectful to him when they come. Now this may happen and may not happen, and even if it does happen, its frequency could be once a year or once a month or even once a week. In each case, it is either 1 time in 365 days, or 12 times in 365 days, or 52 times in 365 days. Yet we are worried 365 times out of 365 days just because of this negative pattern of thinking.

Create your own *perfect world circle* and live inside it and don't let people enter that circle.

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