don't give up because of people's critcism.
Sadness and restlessness is a bad attribute

Someone who remains sad, upset and restless all the time over the matters of this duniya is neither liked by Allah, nor by people. People run away from the one who has restlessness and sadness on his face all the time, to the extent of his close friends, relatives and even his own family feels disgusted. Such a moody person becomes a psychiatric patient because of the feeling of repulsiveness people have for him and thus feels the pain of darkness caused by loneliness in his heart and therefore he is compelled to feel spiritual torture and live a painful life.

This women is in her seventies. Have you ever wondered how somebody at her age would assess her life? If she recalls anything about her life, it is surely that it was a "fleeting life". She would simply say that her life has not been a "long" one as she thought in her teens it would be. It probably never crossed her mind that one day she would grow so old. Yet now, she is overwhelmed by the fact that she has put seventy years behind her. Earlier in life, she probably never thought that her youth and its desires would pass so quickly. If she was asked late in life to tell her story, her memories would only make a two or three-hour talk. That is all that remains from what she thought was "a long life of seventy years". || Read more


I heard someone saying: "C'mon brother, I'm only young! What do you expect me to do man? Its not easy being a Muslim.."

Who ever said its easy being a Muslim anyway? You think you can claim to be a Muslim and you'll just be let away? No! You won't be let off! You'll definitely be tested! You think you can claim to be a Muslim and every time you walk down the road everyone will lay a red carpet for you? It doesn't happen that way! || Read more
A police officer in a Muslim country wrote the following letter to a Shaykh describing the events that led to his return to Allah. He wrote: Seeing accidents and crash victims was a normal part of my day, but one incident was different. || Read more

The fundamental and core component of a healthy society is a home. We cannot talk about 'dawah,' we cannot talk about establishing a harmonious Islamic society until we have harmony inside the household. But our households are the places of chaos. How can we talk about higher ideals in 'dawah' when our homes are broken. Husband and wife are arguing every single day. There is 'sarcasm' inside the house. Nasty commentary towards each other.

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I love her man..

You don't love her, you're deceived.

There is a poison called "individualism" that has taken an extreme form. It has turned into a monster. The word I just used is 'individualism.' You know what individualism is? You're only worried about.. who? Yourself! You're only worried about yourself. The expression we use in our language is 'looking out for number one,' you must have heard that before. So all a person is concerned about is himself.

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