Nasheed: Ya Aakhizum bin Nawaasi


..نشید: يا آخذا بالنواصي

:كلمات مع الترجمة
Lyrics with translation:
O You, who takes by the forelock يا آخذا بالنواصـــــي
Save the one, who is drowning in sins أدرك غريق المعاصي
And Bestow on him with kindness وامنن عليه بلطـــــف
which will lead him to Salvation يفضي به لخلاص
And Forgive for him, all his sins واغفر له كل ذنــــــب
Those he fears, on the Day of Punishment يخشاه يوم القصاص
And Bestow on him with kindness, وامنن عليه بفضــــل
and a placement (in the hereafter) without any punishment. ومقعد غير قــــــــــــاص
Oh Giver of Graciousness Who gives abundantly يا واهب الفضل جزلا
to the one who obeys and to the one who disobeyer لطائع ولعاصــــــــــــي
If You do not save me with Your kindness إن لم تدارك بلطـــف
the i have no other alternative فليس لي من منــــــاص
Where will I escape to and where from? أين الهروب وما من
Your judgement even protects those in fortresses. قضاك تحمى الصياصي

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