When they leave, they are not missed..


The Prophet ﷺ says in one of the narrations, talking about the signs of the people who are sincere with Allah and have Ikhlaas and says:

واذا غابوا لم يفتقدوا...

Subhan Allah, this is so beautiful! These are the people, when they are gone, they are not missed (by others). Sometimes we think if can display the best of our self and our qualities they may remember us for a longer time, which on the face of it seems, completely fine.

What would it take for you to decide: I want to be the most invisible person in my circle. I don't want anyone to praise how my salah is, or how my akhlaq are or how much Qur'an do I recite everyday?

Does that sound a bit harsh? or difficult? No one remembering you because of your good qualities? Well.. that's where *ikhlaas* enters our life. This can only happen when you're doing things ONLY for the sake of Allah (سبحانه و تعالی).

By the way people loving you and feeling attached towards you in spite of you trying to hide your deeds from people and making them only for Allah, is also a gift of Allah. So if people love you, don't think "Oh all my deeds are just wiped away because people love me." No. That is also not true. I think this hadith actually talks about setting ones own intentions right. Because the love of a people is a big ne3mah of Allah (سبحانه و تعالی) as long as its not the reason why I am doing everything.

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