Vehicle Design Studio V3

Third version of Vehicle design studio created in AngularJS/Material Design. Visit

Video Management Suit

With Analytics built with AngularJS/PHP/MySQL Visit


Web and Mobile (Android/iOS) Apps built with NativeScript (Angular) and Firebase Visit

What do we do?

Hello! We have been developing software since 2003.

We started with Adobe Flash as the front end technology and classic ASP as the backend one. After Steve Jobs decided to not include Flash in the iPhones, we were forced to move to HTML5 Canvas Apps..

As a team of remote developers, we keep our equipment up to date. We have fiber optical internet with 1ms latency and uninterrupted solar based power supply that can last for hours and hours if the grid goes down.

How's it going?


I am CEO of Muhammad bin Yusrat Pvt Ltd. I have had a craze for writing computer programs for as long as I can remember. Firebase has swept me off my feet recently, and we've built about 5 full projects from scratch with Firebase. It seems to be very promising. We are currently focused on working with Angular and Firebase as our main tools moving forward.

Last Updated: 9th March 2021


Some of the technologies and frameworks we have worked with (latest first)


Firebase as blown our minds recently both with the security and the speed at which web and mobile apps can be built with it.


We have extensive experience of building apps with AngularJS as well as the latest Angular.


Building Android and iOS Apps has never been more fun! Flutter seems to be the most reliable hybrid framework both in terms of performance and the quality of apps it can produce.


Reactive app development is in our blood and bones.


NativeScript is Angular Version of ReactNative, it gets the job done. I built a project from scratch and distributed to Play/App Store. But I would prefer flutter over this.


Strict Types, Generics, Decorators etc all that's missing from JavaScript.


No more "it works on my machine."


We consider ourselves git ninjas.

Cypress & Protractor

End-to-end testing is not optional in our projects, we either go with Cypress or Protractor.


I shifted to EaselJS as soon as Adobe Flash was deprecated


Besides regular server management, We also make KVM Virtual Machines (usually Hackintoshes) with PCIE Devices passed through.


We are NodeJS Ninjas


VIM helps us pretend to be a 10x developer.


We did a lot of PHP between 2014-2018.


Mysql Generally goes hand in hand with PHP.

ActionScript 3.0

I started my career as a Flash ActionScript 3.0 Programmer, but of course now its obsolete.

Projects without NDAs

Some of our projects that didn't have NDAs

  • Android/iOS App Built with NativeScript and Firebase


    Android/iOS App Built with NativeScript and Firebase

  • Converted JQuery based Wrap Studio to AngularJS 1.6

    Design Studio

    JQuery based Wrap Design Studio converted to AngularJS / Material Design.

  • Converted Flash ActionScript based Design Studio to HTML5

    HTML5 Wrap Studio

    Converted Flash ActionScript based Design Studio to HTML5

  • Converted JQuery based Wrap Studio to AngularJS 1.6

    Custom TShirt Designer

    Custom T-Shirt Designer inspired by Spreadshirt.

  • Converted JQuery based Wrap Studio to AngularJS 1.6


    Friso game where children act as a symbiotic agent.

  • AngularJS and PHP/MySQL based Framework

    AngularJS/PHP Framework

    A modular framekwork built with AngularJS/PHP


Our Clients
Chris Paolucci

Muhammad’s work ethic is unprecedented and we have truly enjoyed each and every project that we worked on together. These many projects were very complex, original, and beyond the skill set of anyone else that I have encountered. He has programmed in many languages in order to accomplish the project tasks that were bestowed upon him over the years. Most recently he is working with us on a cutting edge video content delivery system that combines HTML5, PHP, and server side linux/shell configurations.

Our Clients
Walter M.

Rarely do you have a more professional freelancer to work with. Fast, flexible, responsive to requests. Excellent!

Our Clients
Martin B.

As always Muhammad's work is absolutely perfect. Fast, reliable and he is very helpful. Having used him a number of times now I can only reiterate what has already been said, look no further just use Muhammad.


Lower prices are not service, they are just lower prices. Except in our case..

Web App
$ 35.99
  • Built with the Angular
  • Firebase Backend
  • Material Design or Custom Template
  • Includes end-to-end automated tests
  • Contact
Android OR iOS App
$ 39.99
  • Mobile App for Either iOS or Android
  • Firebase Backend
  • Flutter
  • Includes end-to-end automated tests
  • Contact

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