Anybody who seriously studies the Qur'an knows that Allah records on multiple occasions how Prophets were insulted. How they were made fun of. How they were rejected in the most obscene ways. And how even the Prophets themselves felt the pain of those disbelievers making fun of them.  Nuh (علیہ السلام) complains about how people found him disgusting. And that they would plug their ears with their fingers and walk away from him and pull their clothes back as a show of insult to him. And our Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) is no exception. || Read more

Assalamu Aalaikum Wr Wb,

Did we ever wonder that when something has a place in our heart.. it becomes easy for us to give away 3 things for that person or object: time, money and our self. If we all have a respect for our fathers, or our teachers, or the ruler of our country, or the principal or dean of our college/university.. if we have respect for him, if we know that he is a good person, and we really respect him from within our hearts.. it becomes easy to obey them. We feel the urge within our self to follow their commands as soon as they are given. If we don't trust them, don't love them, and don't give them any space in our hearts, it becomes literally impossible to obey them. || Read more